Storm Fitness has been developing various women’s fitness programs for more than nine years while creating a calming environment where women can workout and get the best personal trainers in the Metro Detroit Area. We are a low-key neighborhood gym for women who don’t want to attend large corporate gyms, and our gym culture respects your privacy. From moms to college students, executive working women, and retired seniors, Storm Fitness offers custom fitness programs designed for each client.

Your metabolism, fat storage areas, and current fitness/health status are taken into consideration before Storm crafts a fitness plan guaranteed to get you fast results. Known as Storm, Sahar is a 6x certified personal trainer, certified health coach, as well as having a Masters degree in Neuropsychology where her focus was sports psychology. Storm holds a second Masters degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She is currently continued her education by obtaining her Doctorate in Psychology with a focus on leadership and motivation. Storm has gained a wealth of knowledge on what works for WOMEN, and now ladies of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from a state of the art facility that prides itself on offering friendly, innovating women’s fitness programs.


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Weight loss and weight management for women

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Athletic training for women

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Pre and Postpartum training

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Nutrition counseling for women

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Target areas for toning and tightening

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Women’s fitness programs for senior citizens

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Group Classes

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Our trainers specialize in working with women of all ages to slim down and maintain a tighter physique. Storm’s personal training methods take traditional exercises and modify them to increase muscle use and fat-burning. As a result, you put in just as much work and get faster results. If You want to join a gym or get personal training for weight loss and weight management, Storm Fitness has a lot to offer including:

-Custom fitness plan designed for YOUR body and health profile

-We modify exercises to accommodate injuries

-Full dietary and nutrition counseling by true experts

-Programs designed to increase your metabolism

-Weight management to help you maintain the new you

In a nutshell, there are two primary gym models: the large busy corporate gyms where people go to socialize as much as they go to get a workout, and smaller neighborhood gyms with community members who respect one another’s privacy. If you want the big box gym that’s fine; Storm Fitness is loved by women who seek a more intimate, friendly atmosphere where they can focus all of their attention towards their workout, and not who is watching. Benefits with our affordable memberships include:

-No judgment, no harassing stares. All of our clients are respectful of one another.

-Women’s fitness programs for all levels and ages

-Private areas for stretching set away from the main floor

-Personal training from professionals who are experts in women’s fitness

-Private bathrooms with showers



Are you tired of trying over and over again without seeing the results you’re looking for?

Storm Fitness has created a gym layout that promotes a friendly, supportive atmosphere. All of our trainers are highly knowledgeable in fitness and exercise programs for women, and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.